Is this graphics card compatible with my Motherboard?

Answer Yes. It compatible with your motherboard. GTX 550 Ti can fit in the 16X slot in your motherboard.

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Would this graphics card be compatible with my motherboard?

Yep, looks like it will to me. And it appears this card gets its power from the pci slot so I don't think the power drain will be a concern for the PSU.

Is y motherboard compatible with my Graphics Card?

Can I use a gtx 460 graphics card with this motherboard?

You might be bottlenecked by your motherboard's speed, so it won't be as fast as the card can be until you upgrade, but it won't affect your ability to use it.

Is this Grapics card compatible with this motherboard?

I have the same motherboard. I LOVE it. Look at Newegg.comBetter prices on most stuff but the way they list it is MUCH better. You can also read the specs of the motherboard and then do an advanced... Read More »