Is this good or bad, or funny?

Answer That's horrible:(

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Is this video funny or good?

Ahaha pretty decent! ;)Look at mine in return??…

Is this funny?

omfg, I LOVE U!thats amazing, i wish i was there. mmm, ha, i knew guy who ran around the mall in a thong and got smackd around by a little old lady.HAHA i cant believe a guy asked him out! thats am... Read More »

Rate how funny this vid is?

Hey,That is a hilarious video, I really enjoyed it. That guy is good at doing the Elmo voice too. But it was a really funny video and I would give it a 10 out of 10.Take CareStacey

Is this script funny?

Not really that funny. Sorry.By the way, a "PC" can just as easily run Linux as non-Linux, so that did not quite make sense.(Also, Linux does audio/video editing very well, thanks.)