Is this good for my weight!?

Answer at 16 I could bench like 205... but i was also like 40lbs heavier lol so yeah thats pretty good.

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Is this a good idea to maintain weight after reaching the goal weight ?

well frankly, u don't have to really do that routine.......if only u can exercise regularly and h ave a controlled diet and make it a habit, then i don't think u have to put sooo much effort to mai... Read More »

Is this a good weight?

I calculated your BMI and your result is 19.4 which puts you in the lower end of the "normal weight" category. This is a very healthy weight to be at but I certainly wouldn't advise you lose anymor... Read More »

Is this a good way to lose weight?

Treadmill running is good, but if you starve yourself you won't get too good results. You have to work your entire body. Use weights and do abs, do sets of 30 for each part of your body, if you fee... Read More »

I'm 5'7 122 pounds... is this a good weight?

Ok, this is how u can tell... They say that a perfect weight for your heighth is figured out by this: 100lbs for 5 feet... Every inch after that, add 5 lbs. Give or take a few depending on your b... Read More »