Hey! This Fall I am going into middle school and I was wondering if this is too much makeup?

Answer If you're able to buy Urban Decay Naked Palette, they have really nice golden/brown colors that are really nice. Brown mascara is fine too, black is okay too as long as you don't PACK it on. And li... Read More »

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How much is the iPhone five going to cost?

I'll say about 10 more then the iphone 4. hey iam 10years old what do i know!

Cost Saving Ideas for Going Green?

Going green doesn't need to be difficult and expensive. Rather, going green can prompt you to find ways to simplify your life. Share your ideas with friends to encourage others to be green, and ask... Read More »

I want to lower my motorcycle, how much is it going to cost?

Depends. Do you have adjustable shocks? I had a Cbr 600 and I just stretched the rearend and lowered the shocks with a screw driver. But idk what type you have. I'm more of a minitrucker myself.

How much is the iPad 2 going to cost at walmart on black Friday?