Is this free internet service by Google for real?

Answer It's one of many of Google's April jokes :-)Read more about them below, I must say they have some pretty good ones :-D

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Is Google Earth a free service to use?

yesbasic google earth is free, that's all most of us need.Google Earth FreeGoogle Earth Plus $20Google Earth Pro $400

Why should (or should not) the internet be a free service?

It should continue to be a *shared* cost between users, advertisers, providers, and government. (With a qualification for providers, which I'll get to in a moment.)Allow me to explain with three e... Read More »

How to get free dial-up Internet service?

The cost of Internet access seems to keep going up. Luckily there are many ways to get free dial-up Internet service. Taking advantage of free dial-up Internet service can help save you money while... Read More »

How to Speed Up Internet Service for Free?

An enjoyable Internet experience depends on the speed of your Internet service, among other factors. Sluggish Internet speeds cause user frustration and make working online less productive. Many fo... Read More »