Is this fat or muscle ( pic included)?

Answer Sweetie I have big hips. I am not fat in any way and I know that. Some people are just born with big hip bones. Im not kidding. I literally have to get bigger pant sizes cuz my hips are too big but... Read More »

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What is this box like thing that I found inside my stove (pic included) included)?

its a voltage transformer probably a step down It takes high voltage and steps it down to a lower voltage example 220vac on the primary winding, (incoming) and a 24 vac to the secondary (output)

What do you think of this PG test I took this morning....Pic included!?

Allow me to spell this out: What is the dark spotting on this leaf, please pic included and perhaps a hug?

Most likely a fungus of some kind. Lots of them are spread more during rainy periods. Not a huge cause for alarm probably but watch the tree in the spring and see if it shows any symptoms then. ... Read More »

"Pic included"Girls do you think i should get more muscle or what should i do in order to look better ?

R u freakin kidding me u look 15 mabey younger either your kidding or ur married at 15 or your not married and you just want know anyway your perfect the way you are