Is this even normal Do you have this problem?

Answer I'm sure it's nothing. I started my cycle when I was 9. I have a very small chest still and I'm in my 20's and have had 3 kids. But here are somethings I've read and remember from school that may h... Read More »

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I masturbate more than 10 times a day...Is this normal, or do I have a problem?

no there's nuffin wrong get yo batetion on just don't hurt ya self

Am i suffering from any kind of heart problem is it normal plz help?

If you feel pain at the chest, better you have to consult a Cardiologist.Try to practice Pranayama early in the morning for 10 or 15 minutes.Do breathing exercises also along with.Your throbbing ... Read More »

My computer will not shut down or sleep using the normal orders...what could the problem be?

hmmm ... I think it too frequently visits the Starbucks site and sips on the free expresso offers. Try weaning it off & onto Earl Grey tea. That stuff is so boring ... it'll be asleep in no time

My 5 yr old sometimes writes mirror images of letters and numbers - is it a normal problem kids have ?

That's pretty typical for the age. Give her a lot of opportunities to write at home: make notes for the family, shopping lists, label things in the pantry, closet or drawers. (Have her sound out wo... Read More »