Is this enough of an overbite for headgear to be necessary?

Answer Mom, I'm wearing my head gear ... Farmer Ted – Sixteen Candles ...Please consult a dentist. BTW: Nice gap :)

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If i have an overbite do i HAVE to get headgear> i dont want it :(?

Hi, It doesn't sound like it, unless the overbite is HUGE and nothing else works. Braces will work fine and there's a good chance that's all you'll have to get. Don't worry :)

Is 2 GB enough for this phone?

no once you start downloading games, apps. pictures, the phone comes with stuff on alreadys so that takes up memory. get an 8 or 16gb phone

Is this enough for 120 people?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's a ton of food- even though I don't know quantities of each item you're making. however for your own sanity and time saving I would pare down the list, a... Read More »

Is this enough to get drunk?

By George I think he's git it. You have there the exact formula of getting drunk. Brilliant!