Is this enough of an overbite for headgear to be necessary?

Answer Mom, I'm wearing my head gear ... Farmer Ted – Sixteen Candles ...Please consult a dentist. BTW: Nice gap :)

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If i have an overbite do i HAVE to get headgear> i dont want it :(?

Hi, It doesn't sound like it, unless the overbite is HUGE and nothing else works. Braces will work fine and there's a good chance that's all you'll have to get. Don't worry :)

What is headgear braces?

There are two brace (metal things) on the back of your teeth. At night sometimes during the day you place a metal thing in the brace on your back teeth, which get connect by a neck rest with holes.... Read More »

Do I need Headgear with my Braces!?

Headgear is outdated! Please ask more orthodontists about alternative treatments such as functional appliances depending on your case. Do NOT extract teeth as part of your treatment as it will make... Read More »

Do you have to wear headgear if you have braces?

In some casesHelping 101:Actually, no. Headgear is no longer used.