Is this enough hours of sleep?

Answer 4:20am? If so, no way! I'm pretty sure 14 year olds are meant to have 8 to 9 hours of sleep or something.

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Do you get enough sleep or too much 'Seven hours sleep a night best for health'?

This time of year I'm manic due to long days. I go to bed about 11-12 and get up at 4.In the winter I enter my hibernation mode and go to bed about 10 and get up about 8.This is in a perfect world,... Read More »

Is 6 hours of sleep enough?

Generally no. I did not see your age...look at the link below for accepted hours of sleep for your age.Much happens while you are asleep and the amount/continuity of it is critical to your health

Is 7 or 6 hours enough sleep time?

its very different for different ppl - sometimes its not the length of sleep but quality that can make a big difference - diet and exercise can have a big impact on this - do you regularly exercise... Read More »

So how many hours of sleep would this be?

Well when you sleep you need about 8 hours of sleep.Well when you take a nap for 4 hours then are up for three hours well then that takes a lot of the energy away. And then you sleep for three hour... Read More »