Is this dress cute?

Answer Ohh yes very. I'd wear chandelier earrings with fake diamonds, a ring and silver strappy heels. :)

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Would this be a cute dress for the fall?

Oh my gosh, yes! If I saw you wearing that I'd probably hug you because it's so darn cute! Wearitwearitwearit!!!!! :)

Is this a cute dress to wear to school?

That's really up to you, if you really like it go for it.I personally think it is cute.

Is this dress cute (urban outfitters)?

i like it.purple if your trying to look cute.grey if your trying to look sophisticated or business like.

Where can I find cute shoes that match this dress?

i wouldnt wear silver, purple, or green shoes with a dress that has all those colors. try brown. you need to tone it down. go with nuetral colors not more color