Is this dell power supply *really* compatible with my inspiron notebook?

Answer my kittens chewed through one cord, and so I went to get another (at the same store I bought it from) and even though it was for the same sort of laptop, it wasn't EXActly the same, but I bought it... Read More »

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I need a power supply for my inspiron 530 desktop. Is the psu for all inspiron 530 models the same?

As long as you have a 530 (the micro-atx tower) and not a 530s (the super-slim one), you can buy ANY power supply that's mATX or ATX12V in size.Like this one for $30 - Read More »

Would a dell Inspiron desktop be compatible with a monitor from an older oc not made by dell?

should work have studioXPS 435t using HP2207 22" monitor with no issues even gets updates for the monitor when avalailable.

When was the Dell Inspiron 3000 notebook first manufactured?

The Dell Inspiron 3000 is a line of laptops with Intel Mobile Pentium MMX microprocessors that come in four speeds: 166, 200, 233 and 266 MHz. Dell made the first laptops in the Inspiron 3000 line ... Read More »

My Dell Notebook Inspiron B130 CD Burner Won't Work?

There are two common reasons a CD burner drive won't work: either the driver for the device has been "bumped off" your computer, or the optical drive itself has been physically damaged. There is no... Read More »