Is this dell power supply *really* compatible with my inspiron notebook?

Answer my kittens chewed through one cord, and so I went to get another (at the same store I bought it from) and even though it was for the same sort of laptop, it wasn't EXActly the same, but I bought it... Read More »

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Will this power supply fit in my PC and be compatible with my graphics card!?

Your PC has a power supply, of 250 watts and it not even close to enough for that card. You'll need a 500 Watt Power Supply. Get a good Quality power supply. Cheap one usually fail, and other parts... Read More »

Would a dell Inspiron desktop be compatible with a monitor from an older oc not made by dell?

should work have studioXPS 435t using HP2207 22" monitor with no issues even gets updates for the monitor when avalailable.

I would like to know if this power supply and this graphics card are compatible.?

You'll be happy to know, that PSU is well and truly enough to support that graphics card, almost too much. It doesn't hurt to have a bit of extra power though, for upgrading, that type of thing. T... Read More »

Is Linux compatible with Dell Inspiron 6000?

The Dell Inspiron 6000 is compatible with Linux. However, you should check the system requirements for the specific Linux distribution you are interested in before installing it. For example, you m... Read More »