Is this dangerouse answer quickly?

Answer You could be putting you and your computer at risk. Use only a charger designed for the computer you have, because the milli-amperage may be different, meaning that you may find that you computer's... Read More »

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When i call him i get this weird..(answer quickly please, i dont wanna wait all day)?

First check and make sure you have the number right.Wait a day or so and try again. If you still get the 'no incoming' message then you'll just have to sit tight and wait for him to call you.

I got a question about this laptop, Fastest and best answer will recieve Best answer! (Need this info ASAP)?

Yes the Intel i7 3630QM(2.40GHz) in the laptop has turbo boost.Yes the laptop should run the games very good with the Dual NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M SLI graphics.What is Intel Turbo Boost http://en.wi... Read More »

Please answer quickly.?

Answer needed quickly plz?

CALL 911Have her Baker Acted (admitted to the hopital against her will - at this point she is a danger to herself, and not thinking clearly) - she'll be mad, but she'll be alive... and that's what'... Read More »