Is this cut still healing or has scar?

Answer At this stage, it is probably done healing as much as it can. You can try mederma.Good luck

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Please help is my cut still healing or scar please help?

It takes time for a cut to heal, but 5 weeks should have been enough. Be careful putting all these oils and creams next to your eye. You don't want to get any of that into your eye. Wash it w... Read More »

Chicken Pox Scar Healing?

Chicken pox is a common childhood illness characterized by the formation of an itchy rash, most often on the torso, head and hands. The rash generally evolves into red, crusty sores which will, for... Read More »

Is it normal for a scar from surgery to still hurt a month later?

Yes it is very normal for a scar to hurt or even tingle after surgury. When your body is cut into nerves are damaged and when your body heals it sometimes takes a bit longer for you nerves to heal... Read More »

Can you still go to Air Force even though you have a big vertical scar in your belly?

If the scar is there from an accident or a simple surgery then you should have no issue getting in. If the scar is there from a surgery that can disqualify you or a condition that required surgery ... Read More »