Is this cut infected?

Answer If there is white stuff, it is pus and you have an infection. (Fatty tissue is yellow).I won't tell you to go to a doctor because I don't think you need to.Wash the area well. Dry. Apply an antis... Read More »

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Is this infected (pic)?

that looks like either gangrene, gonorrhoea or maybe even aids. go see a doctor immediately.LMFAO

Do you think this is infected?

Yes. And you know it. Why is it not cleaned and covered? Use some hydrogen peroxide to clean it out and cover it up. And get to a doctor. You can't hide it now. Should have taken proper care ... Read More »

How to get rid of this cut on my foot so it don't get infected?

It's best to put an antibioticle ointment on it like neosporine and keep it covered with a bandaid. Change the bandaid and reapply the ointment at least every day. It's proven that cut heal faster ... Read More »

Does this cut look infected?

No it looks ok to me. Just keep applying antisceptic and make sure you eat Plenty of protein so you heal quicker. If it starts to ooze pus, the area becomes extremely inflamed, or you get a fever a... Read More »