Is this cut dangerous?

Answer If it bleeds through the band aid take the band aid off get some clean cloth and put pressure in it until it stops. Then put a new band aid on. You aren't gonna die don't worry. If you were bleedin... Read More »

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Didn't David Letterman name his band the world's most dangerous band in honor of david's favorite fake rassler dick the bruiser afflis who was known as wrestling's most dangerous man?

Is this dangerous?

"Pencil lead" is actually graphite, not lead. It will be fine.

Which is more dangerous?

What! Do marketers think that women are so desperate to look their best that we would actually use any of those weapons of torture?

What are PUP's How dangerous are they?

As others have noted, PUPS are "Potentially Unwanted ProgramS".The Bearshare software itself is safe and will not harm your computer, but Bearshare is a P2P file sharing software that connects to t... Read More »