Is this cut dangerous?

Answer If it bleeds through the band aid take the band aid off get some clean cloth and put pressure in it until it stops. Then put a new band aid on. You aren't gonna die don't worry. If you were bleedin... Read More »

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Your one year daughtr passes her stool very hard and doctors says her lungs has gas is this dangerous should you take this as a consideration?

Is this dangerous?

"Pencil lead" is actually graphite, not lead. It will be fine.

My computer is hot is this dangerous?

it's normal, but turn it off and let it cool down. like old GameCubes if you ever played those before. They get hot when you overplay them.

Is This Amount Of Moonshine Dangerous?

duh yes. if you black out and puke all over yourself, you drank too much and need to learn how to drink like a real human being, like a real man.