Is this considered a chemical burn, or frostbite?

Answer I would class it as frost bite, so a burn caused by the cold. I wouldn't expect it to get worse no, as it is it is just a 1st degree burn which will just need to be run under cold water (I know tha... Read More »

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How to get rid of ice burn/ frostbite?

It'll start to get scaly and eventually peel off, kind of like a sunburn. You'll have some new pink skin growing in which will eventually blend in with the rest of the area. There's really nothing ... Read More »

Ice and salt, is that a burn or frostbite?

When you make home made ice cream, you put salt on the ice because it makes it get colder. Therefore your boyfriend has frostbite.

Think i have a chemical burn?

It sounds more like an encapsulated cyst.A doctor needs to remove it to be sure the entire cyst and sac are removed, or it will just fill up and come back.Peroxide is a bleaching agent, but doesn't... Read More »

How to Treat a Chemical Burn?

Chemical burns can be caused by anything which gives a reaction to the skin - this can both be severe or mild. Different chemical burns should be treated differently. Before you treat a burn, using... Read More »