Is this computer worth $800?

Answer no. it will play wow. but not worth 800. maybe 6-650

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How much is my computer worth?

For hardware $1480 new.So if used $600. Abused/OC'ed $300ASUS A8N-SLI deluxe NEW $70Ram New $180XP/SP2/Vista New $130Office New $350Adobe Photoshop 8 New $60WinDVD Suite (many different versions/o... Read More »

Is this computer worth $900?

A 630gt is alot better on tests and games for a 30 series type graphic adapter. But the Adapter is what makes the computer. Now if this was a x79 series mainboard with the 2011 processor then it wo... Read More »

How much would my computer be worth?

2.2ghz, even in a dual core CPU is low3 gigs is an odd number, meaning the motherboard isn't running in dual channel mode, meaning it runs slowThe card is outdaded, not bad, but outdated.Vista. Eno... Read More »

Is your computer worth more than your car?

My computer cost me nothing. My car cost me nothing. Eddie if you know the right people you would be surprised how many things you can get on the cheap. Be willing to hunt and bargain.