Is this computer setup compatible and will it work for a budget gaming PC?

Answer As far as compatibility goes, you're fine. The only compatibility you need to worry about is making sure your CPU socket matches, and that your RAM pins and format match, as well as frequency. Howe... Read More »

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How good is this budget gaming setup?

It's better than mine lol but anyway it's pretty good

What is the best gaming computer for a 1000$ budget or less?

Check this out. Under $500…Builds Under $1000…Builds Under $1500 ht... Read More »

I need a decent gaming computer but I'm on an ultra low budget. What can I get for under £300?

not for 300 401 is more realistic ( ask to see if it has a os preinstalled it should dothis will play on medium settings most games do not push past that…

Ultra budget computer system with good upgrade options. is everything compatible with each other?

Well sense your CPU is la1155 you can put any la1155 CPU in it. Nvidia is the way to go for gaming, on your budget you could probobly afford a nvidia 9800 gt. Your case will be propritary but a 2... Read More »