Is this computer good i am buying it?

Answer That's a reasonable gaming computer. Mine is actually on the same line, but using the AMD dual core CPU. The parts you are listing are not the best choice though. Why would you install a NVIDIA vid... Read More »

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Hi thinking of buying a laptop is this a good one?

roy make sure you get something to suit your needsThis is from my notes, hope it helps..Always work out what your needs are and buy a laptop to suit.Choosing a laptop=============You have to decide... Read More »

I'm buying this computer, is it worth the price, it costs close to $5,000?

3 main concerns:1. The CPU AMD Athlon Quad is useless because it cannot play out it's power due to the lack of suitable software. some tests showed that a dual core CPU is as fast. the same stateme... Read More »

Im buying my 1st cell phone. Is this a good deal?

Not a good contract at all. Please check around at other providers.There also is a family plan at Cingular, Verizon is good....offering a good plan now. Also check on line, google cell phones..... Read More »

I'm thinking about buying a Emachine computer. I do a lot of writing is it good?

Yes, they are good, only the serious geeks and nerds would argue more ;)(we have a Dell AND an eMachine, Windows screws them both up equally ;) )You do need to read about some reviews though, try A... Read More »