Is this compatible and will if fit?

Answer Yes it should fit fine and your 600w psu should be fine also. You should add 1 or 2 case fans for a total of 3 or at Least 2 minimum. is great for video card comparison charts. The... Read More »

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Will this GPU be compatible with this motherboard?

Yes it certainly is, it will be able to put into the PCIE x16 slot on the board. The board has the option for two cards in SLI, depending on your power supply. Take a look at this website about how... Read More »

Will this power supply fit in my PC and be compatible with my graphics card!?

Your PC has a power supply, of 250 watts and it not even close to enough for that card. You'll need a 500 Watt Power Supply. Get a good Quality power supply. Cheap one usually fail, and other parts... Read More »

Is this computer setup compatible and will it work for a budget gaming PC?

As far as compatibility goes, you're fine. The only compatibility you need to worry about is making sure your CPU socket matches, and that your RAM pins and format match, as well as frequency. Howe... Read More »

If a manufacturer has a fixed wirelless phone which is wcdma compatible will this work on a 3g network?

The Plantronics Explorer 370 Bluetooth headset is compatible with 3g phones. Once you make your cell phone discoverable, then put the Plantronics Explorer 370 headset into pairing mode by holding t... Read More »