How many people become licensed real estate sales people annually?

Answer over 10,000

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Is it possible for people to have REAL purple eyes?

now would that be a dominant or recessive trait?sorry, havent heard of it. must be recessive. extremely recessive. so recessive it might not even exist. ;-)well, that would be for the irises.accord... Read More »

Any stories of real people getting involved too soon?

Ten Questions You Might Not Want To Ask Your DOCTOR ABOUT PREGNANCY

How many people have seen a celebrity in real life?

Wow. That's a list. Does going to concerts count?

What will feed 80 people for real cheap.?

get coupons for a local pizza place.usually if you order more than a certain amount from a place they will give you a discount anywayget a keg of beersome chips and dipsounds like a party!