Is this ufo footage real or is this fake I really don't know what to make of this!?

Answer I would say it is tricked photography.

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How many people become licensed real estate sales people annually?

I have a graco battery operated swing and even with new batteries the motor will work for a few minutes then it just stops leaving the speed light on why would it do this?

I had the same problem. It is the motor inside the unit that is worn out. You can but a new motor unit from Graco's web site for $28. Kind of expensive though.Richard.

Is this for real Has anyone ever heard of this k17 virus supposed to be responsible for vampirism?

this is just what i think..i think if u convince your self u have something then your body and mind will believe itif someone goes to the doctors for random check ups all the time even if there is ... Read More »

Is this for real My baby came into this world ready to take a crap in the toilet?

OF COURSE Luke was potty-trained at birth. He drove himself home from the hospital too.**************Anything is possible, I suppose if you have the time to do it...Personally, I took the more tra... Read More »