Is this camera good might get it for christmas :-)?

Answer For the money it looks like it'll do a job. I have a (different) Lumix camera myself and have no issues with it.With a 28mm wide angle lens at f/2.8 it's better than a lot of compacts at this price... Read More »

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I want a digital camera for Christmas, do you know of any good ones?

Do you want a DSLR, or a point-and-shoot? What exactly is your price range? What kind of features do you need? I need to know this kind of stuff before I can actually recommend a camera.

I want a polaroid camera for christmas, I found the camera, but I cant find any film... help!?

How about that!Polaroid went bankrupt and stopped making cameras and film. In December of 2008, the last film was manufactured. At this time any of the film that is still around has expired.If yo... Read More »

Hi I wanna buy a good camera for my family, plse anybody suggest me a good advanced budget camera?

The Canon HV40 is one of the last holdouts of the MiniDV tape consumer camera era, and it's still a really solid choice at a good price point. It can record and play back standard-defintion MiniDV... Read More »

What is a good camera brand or a specific camera that is cheap and has a good zoom like 8x?

Nikon, Canon, Sony etc., are all very good and economical too.The differentiator should not be the price, but how it feels in your hand.Can the camera take the types of pictures that you want to ta... Read More »