Is this burn normal (pic included)?

Answer I was going to do it. but remember salt and water are a no go because the salt causes the ice to freeze faster (that's why they made that slushie thing on tv with salt water ice cubes) it doesn't l... Read More »

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Is it normal to have the shivers when you have a sun burn?

Yes. It hasn't happened to me in some years however, since I have sun stained skin. Even in the winters now I still look like I just got back from the beach. Rub some olive oil on it, you will be a... Read More »

Is it normal to have your pee burn when you are nine months pregnant?

Answer Usually burning while urinating means you have a urinary tract infection. Call your doctor to have a urine test done. In the mean time drink Cranberry tea or take some cranberry pills. No... Read More »

When you are pregnant is it normal for your breasts to burn?

Answer My breast burned and were very sore when I was pregnant it could be a pregnancy sign, but you may want to bring this to your doctor's attention to be sure it isn't something more serious. Go... Read More »

Why do my eyes burn at the end of the day when I have my contact lenses on Is that normal?

as your eyes become tired they become more dry and that can make the eyes itch or burn...take them out and give your eyes a rest