Is this beginners strength plan ok?

Answer that should be okay to start with but for strength building sets of around 6 with a higher weight is better, although i do like to rotate that with an endurance session (good endurance helps you to... Read More »

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How to Write a Marketing Plan for Beginners?

If you consider that the business plan is just a clear road map to take the new company from idea to success, the writing process can be a lot less intimidating. You are taking a critical step in t... Read More »

Can someone review my strength training diet plan for me?

"My question is, is this diet going to hinder my muscle building?"Since you're already seeing results, I wouldn't worry about it right now. If you start to see a plateau, you'll usually want to adj... Read More »

What does this mean, glasses strength?

I think that your vision is about the same as mine is now. It probably isn't that bad. I am guessing that you can drive legally without them even though you wear them for distance.

It is taking all my strength not to hit this woman, so what shall I say to her instead?

Why don't you ask her if she's staying for the day at the nursery as since she behaves like a 2 year old, she would maybe like to play with them as well.