Is this area 51 stuff real!?

Answer God is this still bouncing around? I thought it was laid to rest years ago! Memories eh?!

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Why is Facebook inundated by impersonal trite crap instead of real personal stuff?

Because of of their "Friends" aren't really friends; they're virtual strangers. No one wants (or no one SHOULD want) strangers reading about their life. Posting too much gets people in trouble. ... Read More »

Is area 51 real?

Is 666 a real area code?

According to NANPA area code search on area 666…it is not currently an assigned area code.It is also not a geographic area code, meaning it could be assign... Read More »

Where can I pay to pet a real elephant in St. Louis or Missouri/Illinois area?

Wait till summer. She can actually ride one at the Renaissance Fair.…