Is this an ingrown hairshould i be worried?

Answer i could be an ingrown hair or a black head. if it's either don't worry :) try to push from the sides underneath it and it should come tout. if it does bleed don't worry it wont harm you it would ju... Read More »

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What is this swine flu and is this something that I should be worried about?

Swine flu is common in swine and rare in humans. People who work with swine, especially people with intense exposures, are at risk of catching swine influenza if the swine carry a strain able to in... Read More »

How do I sort out this ingrown toenail at an early stage?

if i were you i would soak it in warm water (as your mother suggested) and try removing it before it grows more...however, it's not a bad idea to lift it up a bit daily because you might not be abl... Read More »

Should I Be Worried About This?

No, since it's probably a side effect of the medicine

Is this normal or should I be worried?

If it's not a common occurance, it's not time to be worried about it just yet. There are just too many things that can influence them. Some triggers to look out for, however:1) Smoking. If you d... Read More »