Is this an ear infection?

Answer An ear infection usually has some redness, swelling, and pain. Since you don't have any pain, it sounds more like earwax blockage, especially if you clean your ears a lot, people tend to accidental... Read More »

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After reviewing your x-ray of a tooth that had root canal 10 years ago an infection was discovered can this infection be treated with antibiotics as opposed to pulling the tooth?

AnswerIt's possible, but the infection will most likely come back again. There is no telling when, but it will. A week, two years, no way to tell.- You can also see an endodontist for a retreatment... Read More »

Is this a kidney infection?

It could be, or it could be a kidney stone. Or even something else. You need to get checked out by a doctor to be sure. Don't let things like this go. Your kidneys are very important and ignoring p... Read More »

Is this a sinus infection?

Yes, these are symptoms of a sinus infection. Go to a doctor & have him prescribe Augmenton to you to cure the infection. Left alone, sinusitis can cause lots of problems.

Can i die from this infection?

Relax, it's just a blister, sometimes they get infected and ooze a bit, but it's certainly not going to kill you. Keep it clean and dry, it will have healed in 2-3 weeks, and if it hasn't then go t... Read More »