Is this a virus email HELP?

Answer It's most likely spam, but I suppose it could be a virus. It's a good thing you deleted it, in any case.

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How to remove iiiiii.exe virus please someone help me in removing this virus.?

NEW VIRUS.. anyonelse aware of it Just got this email saying..?

Naaaaah.....I got it too, don't think it's a virus. Probably someone thought it was a good idea to tell everyone it was a virus so everybody could pass his/her chain e-mail to everybody else.You ca... Read More »

Is this some sort of spam/virus/dodgy email It is only a link to an address:

Of course it's a scam message. If you get links that you didn't specifically ask for from someone you don't know then it is almost 100% sure to be a scam. Just delete the email and forget about it.


I am not sure about why you can't install anti-virus, but I do know about the Google thing taking you to spam sites because that just happened to me over the weekend. That is some kind of virus, a... Read More »