Is Titan on the reality TV show 'Big Brother' a real person or a robot?

Answer Taunting Titan? According to the website of Channel4, there is a person inside Titan. However, the robot is also mechanically assisted. (See Related Link below.) Titan the robot confuses the "Big B... Read More »

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What is the name of this sifi series it is about a girl a small robot and some guy on board a living ship they also have some type of android or robot it was on late at night on si-fi around late 90s?

Has anyone tried this day trading robot?

Yes it works. Been using it for months and the results are amazingly constant. Notice, though, that you must have some basic prior knowledge. You will not just turn it on and that's it! I guess tha... Read More »

What episode did Chiro meet the robot monkeys and the super robot?

It tells you in the theme song. Theme song summary:"Chiro is wandering around shuggazoom and finds an abandoned super robot. He then woke up the monkeys. {Sprx77 Gibson Nova Antauri Otto} Chiro is ... Read More »

What was the episode of Robot Chicken called with the black robot?

Master Yoda was voiced and manipulated by puppeteer Frank Oz .