Can you see the person you are talking to on an imac computer?

Answer You can see who you are talking to on an iMac. All iMac models feature a webcam called the iSight camera, which enables your chat partners to see you. The other person needs an iMac, or another com... Read More »

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What is cleverbot Are you talking with a person or a computer?

you are speaking to a computer that browses through everything that people have inputted into it to give u a reply

Is the miniseries Talking to Heaven based on a real police case?

Talking to Heaven is a miniseries based on the book, Talking to Heaven. The book contains true stories, including the police case depicted in the miniseries, so the answer is yes. The book is writt... Read More »

Is the miniseries"Talking to Heaven"based on a real police case?

The miniseries "Talking to Heaven," also called "Living with the Dead," is based on an autobiographical novel by James Van Praagh. Van Praagh is a real medium in New York City with several best-sel... Read More »

How to Stay Calm When You Are Talking to a Crush or Famous Person?

Ever wondered how to stay calm when talking to someone you admire? Here is how! :)