Is this a problem please answer?

Answer hi listen you shouldn't let stress build up . So i suggest swimming running any form of stress release , then what you will notice your stress level lowers and you sleep better you won't get angry... Read More »

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Do I have a thyroid problem please answer?

See your doctor and get a Thyroid function blood test. If that is the problem, it's easily fixed.

Skin problem help. 10 points for best answer!!?

First of all, don't touch it! I learned a valuable lesson when I kept touching my earring infection...Second of all, you should really go see a Doctor, to me, it doesn't seem like dry skin, but it ... Read More »

Windows XP Problem. 10 pts most helpful answer.?

Driver Verifier is included in Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 to promote stability and reliability; you can use this tool to troubleshoot driver issues. Windows kernel-mode compo... Read More »

Have you ever found that doctors DON'T have the answer to your problem?

We don't live in a perfect world and we don't have perfect medical understanding of our own bodies.That's the reality for you!