Is this a potential scam?

Answer It's a SCAMHe won't pay you - this is how the scam works…But in other cases they do pay THEN after you ship it they file a dispute with Paypal falsely cla... Read More »

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What is the difference between electric potential&electric potential energy?

Electric potential energy describes the maximum amount of energy that can be used in an interaction among two or more charged particles. Electric potential, on the other hand, is the electric poten... Read More »

What is potential difference?

Simply put, potential difference is the difference in energy of two location. So if you are standing at a pole 3m high and I'm at a pole 10m high, we have a potential difference of 10 - 3= 7m.The s... Read More »

Why Would a Potential Buyer Want the VIN?

Individuals and dealers who sell cars get lots of questions from potential buyers. Buyers want to know a vehicle's maintenance history, mileage, and optional features, and some buyers want to know ... Read More »

What to ask my potential roommates?

The list of questions I would ask:- What are your cleaning habits like? Do you clean up after yourself right away or let things sit until you feel like cleaning?- Are you interested in pooling mone... Read More »