Is this a normal spot for a lymph node?

Answer Yes, you have lymph nodes in your neck.Yes, it is normal for them to swell due to infection. That is what they are supposed to do. The abbess is the reason they are swollen. You have an infection.

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Recently had cancer this morning noticed 1 swollen stationary tender lymph node a bit worried any thoughts?

if it is really tender, that makes me think not of a cancerous or lymphomatous node but of infection. if your chemo has made you immunosuppressed you are at a higher risk for infection, so i would ... Read More »

Epitrochlear lymph node ?

NOT cancer. You have diagnosed it correctly.That lymph node is doing its job fighting the infection in your finger.Nothing to worry about. Impressive that you know what an epitrochlear node is.Yo... Read More »

How to Relieve Lymph Node Pain?

The lymphatic system is your body's defense system against infection and disease. The system transports a special fluid called lymph throughout the body. All 600 or so lymph nodes are hubs for immu... Read More »

Single 2cm lymph node for 2-3 years now!?