Is this a lot of memory to have,...?

Answer For games, etc., you would probably want more. Have you considered an external hard drive as an add-on? Rather than buying a new computer you can purchase an external hard drive (or more than one... Read More »

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Installing memory, come on you have to know this?

I would go with 2x256 if it's dual channel (normally the slots are different colors) Otherwise send the 512MB. The slower speed will take over unless it's dual channel motherboard. There shouldn't ... Read More »

Can someone take a look and tell me if this is much memory to have left?

Your Memory looks OK but your may need to clean up your system fro Internet trash files; so do the following:HOW TO DO A THOROUGH CLEAN UP:Before doing any of the maintenance steps outlined below m... Read More »

After drinking Tequila I woke up naked in a dumpster - was I abducted by aliens as I have no memory of this?

It's a well known fact that Tequila (Splarg for "Brain Destroyer) was introduced to the people of Mexico by an alien race circa 1652ad. It was used initially by the aliens as a mind suppressant so... Read More »

How can I find out how much memory I have left on my computer.Please keep it simple I am a novice to all this?

go too my computer,you should find out that way,wen you put mouse near harddrive,it should say space and whats left,hope this helps