Is this a good(ish) gaming computer?

Answer that is actually very good for the price, if building it yourself you could possibly save a small amount but it is nice all round. Probably the best gaming CPU, a great VGA card, plenty of quality ... Read More »

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Is this a good gaming computer to run day z?

That setup can run anything. If overclocked maybe BF3 at high. Good setup and i have never seen a better value for money PC

Is this computer any good (gaming)?

its great......good processor .....large ram....massive hdd.......the power supply is a little low for some of its features which could lower performance but is expected of a custom built pc as the... Read More »

Is this a nice gaming computer?

Oh yeah--you be rocking. Id trash the quad and go with an E8500 Core 2 Duo. Games aren't quad pumped so a quad is a waste of 2 cores. On Exotic Air I got the 8500 over 4 Ghz and run it at 3.8 24/7... Read More »

Is this a hardcore gaming computer?

Not really. I might consider that a piece of garbage.My specs are: Intel i7 2.66Ghz1 TB HDD6 GB DDR3 OCZ RAMATI Radeon HD 5870 GDDR5 (World's best single core GPU)Asus P6T Deluxe V2I don't know wh... Read More »