Is this a good workout routine to lose weight?

Answer That is a great idea, but I suggest doing 1/2 hour of cardio on mon, wed and fri. And switch up the machines you use aswell or your body will become immune to the exercise and it will do nothing af... Read More »

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How much weight should I lose with this routine?

2-3 pounds a week I suppose! I'm trying to loose weight too! I'm 15! But I aim for 1 pound a week

How can a person with respiratory problems get a good workout and lose some weight?

I am asthmatic ( I think this is what your doictor means) also and have found the following to be good.Walking - Don't go crazy. Start with what you can and then build up.Swimming - Great as your l... Read More »

Workout routine and weight loss question...?

okay, first of all, it's impossible to spot reduce. When you exercise you're body chooses where it wants to lose weight, whether it be your face, legs, or arms. However, you can TONE your legs and ... Read More »

Is this a nice workout routine for a beginner?

You have the same height and goal as me and are doing almost the same thing! I've heard 30 day shred is effective on its own but i've also read that some people just lose inches and not so much pou... Read More »