Is this a good video card?

Answer Depends entirely on what you are doing, for games it will never be enough. Having said that, if you are only word processing then it'd be fine.…This is a f... Read More »

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Which ati video card is good for gaming?

On One Hand: ATI 5970 2GBTom's Hardware and Tech Radar considered the ATI 5970 2 gigabytes the world's fastest video card in 2009. The 5970 contains twice as many transistors as ATI's next fastest ... Read More »

I was wounding witch video card is better XFX Radeon HD 4650 Video Card - 1024MB DDR2 or GeForce 9600?

The GeForce 9600GT is much better, you're comparing a $60 card to a $85 card.The Radeon 4650 is slightly better than a GeForce 9500GT. The Radeon 4670 is better than both of those cards, and the ... Read More »

A good video card for a ubuntu based pc.?

Well I have an Nvidia 256mb GeForce 6200 and that performs superbly.…For a DVD burner I recommend ASUS Light Scribe DRW-1814BL Read More »

How much does a good video capture card cost?

$30-$50. Call like Compusa or BestBuy. Best of Luck