Is this a good video card?

Answer Depends entirely on what you are doing, for games it will never be enough. Having said that, if you are only word processing then it'd be fine.…This is a f... Read More »

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Will this video card work with this computer?

I've got this problem with my Video Card ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650, How to fix this?

this is most likely due to a power saver turns off the main graphics card when not plugged in and turns on the integrated to save power.go to control panel.power high perf... Read More »

Can i use 2 video card on this motherboard?

yes you can just look to see if it says crossfire or sli supportcrossfire for amd cards and sli for nvidia cards

Will this video card fit in my case?

Hi KyleThe video card looks big but you have the correct case to put in a video card twice that size..By the way, that is a good case. I own one for programming. Never overheats or anything and YES... Read More »