Is this a good setup for a custom computer?

Answer most of it is,there are a few changes I'd're buying a full tower,but the motherboard is a micro-ATX,m assuming that you're not getting micro-ATX purposefully but that it was a mistake.also... Read More »

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Is this a good computer setup?

Are you set on getting one of those pairs, or can you mix and match them? If you can, I would suggest the i5 3570k with a Radeon HD 7950. The 7950 is about 50 bucks more than the 7870, and is consi... Read More »

Is this a good custom computer?

This machine rocks!!!Congrats dude, you got a winner there!

How good is this internet/TV setup?

For all the internet things, yea you will be browsing/using the internet with no problems. BTW its 150 Mb not MB. Two different measurements. I would have just bundled FIOS Internet and TV as Prime... Read More »

How good is this budget gaming setup?

It's better than mine lol but anyway it's pretty good