Is this a good monitor for xbox 360 gaming?

Answer Yes it is good and I think you will like it...

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TV Monitor and Computer Monitor, Which is better for PC gaming as well as Xbox?

TV for gaming WAS a big no no but TV came a long way since then. I think it's more of a personal choice now. Some people don't like to see 24" resolution (1900x1200) on a 40" screen because it's ki... Read More »

Do you think this is a good Xbox 360 gaming TV?

I couldn't connect to your link but I can tell you that I bought a Sony 40inch flat screen and it has the best graphics for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, I play both on it and the graphics are amazing,... Read More »

Good PC gaming monitor?

Any monitor you get that is bigger will work, what you should look into if you're worried about the resolution is your graphics card. Every graphics card has a limit to the resolution that they're ... Read More »

What is a good gaming monitor?

Get an LCD monitor that offers a 2ms display to avoid games from onscreen ghosting during lots of gaming action. As far as model that is up to you. I have a ASUS ML228H 21.5-Inch Ultra-Thin and it ... Read More »