Is this a good laptop for Minecraft?

Answer that should be enough for a game like minecraft

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What is a good laptop for Minecraft?

If anyone is looking for a really kickass minecraft server to play on check out this one!

Can this laptop run minecraft?

Nearly every laptop can run it. It's the question of, will it lag? To answer your question, it may lag but you can run it

Why is my laptop bad at minecraft?

Laptops are built with a certain quality as in graphics it can show. Basically MineCraft graphics aren't compatible with your laptop... you need to check the resolution.. but you'll most likely alw... Read More »

How do you see yourself on minecraft if you have a laptop and your keyboard is different?

Look at the bottom left of the keyboard. Next to the Ctrl and Alt buttons may be a button leveled fn. Hold it down and then press F5.