Is this a good idea to maintain weight after diet is done ?

Answer Your only supposed to binge eat once a week. This means only eat whatever u want one day out of the week. Out of a full 7 day week. And you should consume 1800 calories a day to maintain. 1200 cals... Read More »

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Is this a good idea to maintain weight after reaching the goal weight ?

well frankly, u don't have to really do that routine.......if only u can exercise regularly and h ave a controlled diet and make it a habit, then i don't think u have to put sooo much effort to mai... Read More »

How to Maintain Your Weight on the Volumetrics Diet?

In The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, Dr. Barbara Rolls discusses principles for maintaining weight based on data from the National Weight Control Registry. When you reach your maintenance weight, you ... Read More »

Im a fussy vegetarian and im on a diet, is it a good idea to add tofu or not?

you dont have to fry tofu, i just had a muchroom and tofu curry and i oven baked both and dont use any oil. tofu is not fatty, it is a protein

Is a 45 minute brisk walk good to lose weight with a good diet?

its a great start to exercise, you will burn caloriesbut once your body adapts to the intensitythen you need to pick up the intensity switch to some running, u will burn even more effectivelyalso s... Read More »