Is this a good gaming rig?

Answer CPU - GreatMB - GoodRAM - GreatHDD - Doesn't matter for gamingGPU - Going outdated very soon. I recommend a GTX 660 instead.PSU - 530W is more than enough unless you plan on having two GPU'sAt a gl... Read More »

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How good is this system to play games like skyrim and assassins creed 3is this a good gaming system?

It might run AS3 and Skyrim on the lowest settings possible. That video card is absolute crap. Agree get at least a HD 7770 or GTX 650. My suggestion is to go for the 660ti if possible

Is this PC good for gaming I know it has good specs but it is $470 bucks?

The CPU is OK, but that is a terrible graphics card. It will not be good for gaming at all - and with a paltry 300 watt PSU your options are very limited.Upgrade the PSU to a good quality 550-650 ... Read More »

Is this a good gaming pc?

over all seems a good combination, but in terms cpu i think quard core i5 or i7(ivybridge)would be better for gaming, since most of the games will not utilize more than 4 cores, and even intel cpu ... Read More »

Is this PC good for gaming?