Is this a good diet so far?

Answer try adding protein to your diet. ex) tofu, chicken, fish, eggs. try to eat a small meal every three hours to keep your metabolism going. never go under 1200 calories a day because your body will th... Read More »

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Does this sound like a good diet for a cheerleader?

sounds healthy... at least you dont starve yourself

Is this a good idea to maintain weight after diet is done ?

Your only supposed to binge eat once a week. This means only eat whatever u want one day out of the week. Out of a full 7 day week. And you should consume 1800 calories a day to maintain. 1200 cals... Read More »

Is this a good eating diet to lose weight Best answer 10 points?

No to the cornflakes. Eat less processed food with less sugar. If you drink whole or 2% milk, drink skim. Maybe less meat-unless you're trying to gain muscle. Other than that it looks like a very g... Read More »

Is it true diet coke or diet pepsi is not good for your bones?

Yes, but it isn't the caffeine, it's the carbon dioxide. Drink a few glasses of low-fat or non-fat milk a day instead, and maybe cut back to just one can of soda a day. Don't overdo it on the milk,... Read More »