Is this a good build for epic gaming?

Answer the link is response to your 850 watt statement I feel that is way too much,850 watts is what you use to sli the gtx 480,or as some people called them the is power hungry,350 per ... Read More »

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Is this a good pc build for gaming?

Crystal ball is in the shop this weekend. Could you please list your components?

Is this a good gaming pc build?

It looked very good.It is just a recommendation. If you want to play games all day, I do recommend that you get a CPU fan. Stock fan (provided by intel) never does the job. Try to get a fan that ha... Read More »

Good Gaming Computer Build?

2 GTX 570's run for $500-$540.The good from an SLI setup such as that one: It will get great FPSThe bad from an SLI setup such as that one:It has the potential to be faultyIt will generate a lot of... Read More »

Is this a good gaming desktop build?

The build is ok ,i am just concerned if the price is $3000 as that is a lot of money for what the build actually is .A good gaming Rig can be built for under $1000 and be able to max out the games ... Read More »