Is this a good Financial aid appeal?

Answer Overall, it's not a bad letter. You briefly explain what happened, take responsibility for your mistakes, and explain what you will do differently in the future. You do have some grammar and punctu... Read More »

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Is this a good letter for appeal to my financial aid?

I think it's good! Maybe a few grammar errors, but it's good. It's good that you included the "made a list of steps" part. That shows your determination and want to succeed. ;)Twilight C

Is this a good opening for a financial aid appeal letter?

Wow, to respond to the first answer, hardly any schools in America go by the quarter system, and this clearly says semester, if you had read it. Second, this is actually a school policy, and many s... Read More »

SAP Appeal Letter for Financial Aid. Good enough?

It looks good. With such circumstances dictating your higher education I don't see how they can deny your appeal. I do see a few grammatical discrepancies, however.Comma placement, comma placement,... Read More »

At good forums that this could appeal to?

Facebook, facebook, facebook. Link it there, share it on as many popular pages as you can and ask others to share it with others. Also, is a site where you can act... Read More »