Is this a fact that I will simply have to accept?

Answer Definitely not. You can never guess what's next in life.

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How to Get Family Members to Accept the Fact That You're Overweight?

When people look at you, is the only thing that they see your weight? Do you feel helpless and feel you cannot do anything about it? Well, then, keep reading!

Nearly all veg*ns seem to realize and accept the fact that they inadvertently eat insects in their food?

It isn't really a big part of the people here who worry about that. I would say that question gets asked more around once or twice a week; not every day. But to answer your question, I think it m... Read More »

I can't accept the fact that there are girls more beautiful than me,( plz don't be harsh, I do want 2 change)?

I'm sure everyone has those feelings. Even I do. Sounds like to me that if it's bothering you that much, you need to gain some self-esteem. You are fine just the way you are. You'll get a bit older... Read More »

Do you accept the fact of giving your unborn son up for adoption because hes two months away and you have no job or car or savings?

No. I would rather you give them up for adoption than something worse happening to the child. I would wait until the child is born though before making the decision. A lot can happen in 2 months. Y... Read More »