Is this a dead pixel or something?

Answer That's a dead pixel, alright. Unfortunately they won't even take it back or let you swap it because of a single one, unless you've signed an extra warranty/insurance. Most stores and manufacturers ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Dead Pixel Using

Tapping on screens, buying expensive software, and hiring the Geek Squad might be good for some, but others want a free and electronic solution. You'll never have to leave the computer for this.

How can a dead pixel move?

You may have several screen pixels that are marginal & intermittent & may fail then work at various times. It's really hard to say without actually observing it & running some tests. It's also poss... Read More »

How should I Fix my Dead Pixel Problem?

Dead pixels are a problem insofar as once dead they stay dead. Very occasionally one may recover but learning to live with it is your best option.

Dead Pixel Repair - Should I Repair My LCD Monitor Or Replace It?

Replace the monitor it's still under warranty. If not, then you can try fixing it -- first at the software level and second at the hardware level.There's a Java-based program called JScreenFix that... Read More »