Is this a cyst or an animal bite on my back?

Answer if the bloody pus smelled really bad you may have a staph infection. please get it checked by your doctor

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Spider bite or cyst Need help!?

Pus is a sign of infection, not venom. These are called skin abscesses, and if severe enough, need to be lanced and drained by a doctor.They can be aggravatingly painful and take a long time to heal.

What Kind Of Spider Bite Or Bug Bite Is This.?

These are called boils. Soaking in hot water helps these heal, and now the skin is broken, you should use a topical antibiotic.Any bug or spider bite that doesn't heal after a couple days, is likel... Read More »

Why do i keep getting this boil/cyst?

You need to see your doctor for advice on what you are dealing with. Unfortunately, cysts have a membrane that usually must be completely surgically removed or they will come back over and over again.