Is this a concussion ?

Answer You should be fine, the scalp is pretty hard and is meant to protect your brain. If you start bleeding from you nose or mouth, your symptoms don't go away then you may want to see a doctor

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What is concussion is this it?

The inital falling off and hitting your head isn't concussion, it's the after math that refers to concussion. Doctors rate concussion from mild to severe. Because you have only mild concussion they... Read More »

Concussion... Does this mean I am ok?

A concussion is a fancy term meaning you probably bruised your brain. The time of most concern is the first 24 hours, after that it's no so critical and you are most likely just fine now. It's no... Read More »

Would this cause a concussion?

Honestly if you've had concussions before and one hasn't healed yet, something small could cause a concussion. My friend got a concussion from hitting her head on her way into her car. If you have ... Read More »

Should I get this concussion checked out?

If you develop a headache (might just be alcohol), nausea or vision problems, seek medical attention -- otherwise, you should be fine.