Is this True ..Do you have to be 100 pounds to get your first period?

Answer BMI matters, not actual weight. At 5ft. you should be 95-110 pounds, so 90 just means that your slightly under weight, but it shouldn't affect your period. More often than not it depends on your g... Read More »

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I weigh 73 pounds, 5'7, 13, and haven't started my period..?

Youre definitely not getting it because your so tiny! 5'7 and 73 is waaaayy low!

Is it true that when you have ur period u can't get pregnant?

SO FALSE! YOU CAN GET PREGNANT BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER YOUR PERIOD. It just depends on when you ovulate.Can you get pregnant during your period?The debate on whether or not a woman can get pregnant... Read More »

"the distance between first pregnancy and period cause breast cancer" is it true?

Umm the baby is not in her stomach. Your "thought" is totally primary school-ish. Gee, I guess it depends on where she put the first baby and how far away she has other one, distance wise...

Is it true that women have a month period after giving birth?

After giving birth, the uterus constricts and begins to return to it's pre-pregnant state. The lining of the uterus is shed in the form of Lochia.This postpartum bleeding or Lochia occurs after eve... Read More »